Fashion Style Adjectives To Look For

Fashion Style Adjectives To Look For

Fashion style is subjective, which means that what is fashionable to one woman is considered not only to be stylish by another. The same goes with adjectives. It is always a matter of first impressions and what the women surrounding you think is stylish or not. So, how do you determine whether a pair of shoes, a swimsuit or even a t-shirt is trendy?

There is no one way to define what is not a trend. Trends are simply a generalization of style that can last for several seasons, months, or years before fading away into oblivion. When it comes to women’s fashion, the most recent trend might be considered to be in right now, but what is in fashion today might be considered old hat tomorrow. This is the beauty and magic of fashion style; you never know when it will be in.


However, there are some definite style types that are generally considered to be trendy. A trend is a generalization of style that can be applied to any clothing item including clothing, accessories, and hairstyles. In order to decide what is currently fashionable, you must know the various style types that apply to women’s fashion and then identify which ones are applicable to your wardrobe.


First, there are the traditional style adjectives such as cool, popular, trendy, and classy. These are just some of the general terms that can be used to describe women’s fashion trends. A lot of times, these are also some of the first adjectives that are thought of when considering what is in fashion. For example, if you see cool clothing around other women, you may conclude that it is cool because of its fit or because of its design. Cool is generally considered to be a style category that applies to all clothing items that are deemed to be appealing to the eyes.


Another popular fashion style is hip and sexy. These are adjectives that specifically describe certain elements of a woman’s fashion style. For example, if you observe that lots of women are wearing jewelry on their fingers, then you may conclude that it is hip to wear jewelry on your fingers. The terms hip and sexy are used primarily to describe specific fashion styles that are currently popular.


On a more specific note, there are also fashion style adjectives that are considered to be negative. These include trashy, ugly, tacky, and gaudy. If you notice that women’s fashion trends are leaning toward these labels, then you may be seeing trashy for the top ten fashion trends in women’s fashion that fall into this category. Trashy is usually used to describe clothing that is less than high quality. An example of trashy clothing would be clothing that is made from unwashed and stained clothing.

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